Edinburgh is done! We survived! Now we better gett to work and write this:


  • We are doing a fundraiser for our Edinburgh show. Sunday 22nd May. Don't come if you don't want to be a legend. Tickets can be found here. 
  • Have loaded lots of sweet Edinburgh previews of Crazy Sexy Fool on to the gigs page. Be sure to view, book & attend.
  • Had the Best of Times at Mach Fest 2016, more next year please!


  • Did anyone see us in April? What did we do?/Sorry (delete as applicable)



  • We have a name for our Edinburgh show - Crazy Sexy Fool! Relieved that the hard part is now over.
  • Celeste is currently filing for the new upcoming Channel 4 show 'The Windsors'. We assume she is playing Prince Charles but that is TBC.
  • We are testing out some ideas at BBC Radio Entertaining on the 16th February, details are here.
  • We got a new website! Now to sit back, relax and let it write the next show.